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Web-studio UpDesign

Creation, promotion and advance of the sites in Russia

We always offer our clients optimum option of realization of an objective on a ratio of quality, volume of work and cost. Any project is solved individually — depending on requirements of the customer.

High level of professionalism and skill of our programmers, designers and marketing specialists allows to carry out any tasks set by you at the highest level, and the most modern standards of web development and seo-technologies used by us – to realize the project most effectively and most favourably for you.

The latest performed works and not onlyGuide a mouse at the image, press the left button, read about the project if there is time if isn't present - at once call +7 (831) 423-64-12

How to increase sales from the site?7 critical mistakes because of which the sites aren't effective

  • Bad design - everything can be coolly, but with shit design there will be no success
  • Not unique text - never will allow to remove the site in the TOP of searchers
  • Slow loading - the awful code of inept school students won't bring clients
  • Awful usability - not clearly where to go, where to call how to make the order
  • The site isn't optimized - tags of h1, h2, h3, heading title, metadescription of description
  • There is no new information - on the site the latest news are made 3 years ago?
  • No appeals to action - it is a lot of information, but clients don't see the benefit

As you can see, all mistakes enough budnichna also meet for 95% of the sites. Having solved 6 of them, all of you will equally lose all clients because each mistake is the prime cause. It is the reason of that in consciousness of many directors the thought "on the Internet became stronger there is no money". But everything is solved and we know as to make that clients addressed to you and laid aside your competitors!

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Structure of the successful site. Brings 5 clients from 10 visitorshttp://titan-potolok.ru

Logo and design of the site - a whole

The logo is a key element of branding. We develop design of the site that everything looked a whole. Our major task to make so that all elements of design of the site worked for your corporate uniqueness.

Actual actions

In customer acquisition an important role is played by promotional offers and bonus programs. We know how it is correct to give it. How to make so that were interested in you, and advertizing worked at the site effectively.

Modern service modules

Our programmers are ready to create any necessary module ground under your business. And specialists in a usability and web designers will make it convenient and attractive to use not only to your clients, but also you. It is easy to change information on the site from the administrator panel.

Emphasis on your advantages

Nobody will tell better about advantages of your company, than you, and our skilled copywriters will be able to make this information even more attractive and you will be able favourably to be distinguished from competitors.

Traditional arrangement of elements

Internet users got used to traditional arrangement of key elements on the page. Remember yourself when your mail updates the interface it very much not convenient. You reconcile to mail - without it in any way, and from the usual site you will leave.

Design approach

It's pleasant to all of us to see when information is competently issued, key elements are allocated, pictures, color scale are picked up. For us there are no minor elements, after all the complete image of the site is under construction of them.

Links to key pages

It's possible to hear that the main page shouldn't be the overloaded information. It not so. Our wide experience proves that 85% of users leave from the site in the first 40 seconds if they couldn't find the necessary information. All key links, sections have to be on the main page or in the menu.

Customer reviews increase loyalty

As if this tool didn't seem ineffective, we proved that users pay great attention to responses, and in separate branches of business they have decisive impact on decision-making at a choice of the company.

Contact information You can contact us and make the order, in what point of the world wouldn't be, we always in touch

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Address Info

Web-Studio UpDesign
Russia, Nizhny Novgorod
Rozhdestvenska Street, 13, office 12
Telephone: (831) 423-64-13
E-mail: info@updesignn.ru

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Decided to create or advance the site? Algorithm simple, benefits are obvious7 simple steps which will construct your business, will save your time and will fill your purse with money

Algorithm of actions for development:

  • Acquaintance, identification of requirements, filling of a brief
  • Signing of the contract - an advance payment of 30%
  • Creation of a prototype (scheme) of design of the site
  • Imposition of pages of the site from PSD models
  • Programming of the site on the most reliable CMS in the world
  • Testing of the site, transfer of rights - payment remained 70%
  • Maintenance, SEO, SMM, contextual advertizing
  • You receive the ideal system calculated for mass involvement of new clients.

Algorithm of actions for SEO:

  • First meeting, audit of your site, filling of a brief
  • The conclusion of the contract - payment of cost of monthly works
  • The analysis of the rival sites in your sphere of business
  • Internal links of pages by key inquiries
  • Monthly purchase of links by relevant inquiries
  • Filling of tags of title and description, optimization of snippets
  • Placement of the counter of statistics, monthly report
  • Every month you receive more and more the new clients attracted on the Internet.

Algorithm of creation of a brandbook:

  • Acquaintance, filling of a brief for the designer
  • Conclusion and signing of the contract, payment of 50%
  • Analysis of the rival companies and their stylistics
  • Creation of a brandbook of the company
  • Development of a unique logo of the company
  • Correction of key elements
  • Delivery of works, transfer of rights, payment of the remained 50%
  • You receive excellent system of firm identification of a brand among faceless competitors.